The Lord is my Shepherd

The Lord is my Shepherd….

That verse

Those four words

Have been rattling around in my head a lot the last few months.

A constant reminder that no matter how difficult the road may get

No matter how broken we may feel

Whether we are drawing near or running away

On top of the mountain

Or sinking into the depths

Bursting with joy

Or crumbling from sorrow

He is there –

To know us and care for us – He knows us intimately- he saw us before we were formed and he knows every hair on our heads, every tear we will cry, every corner of our hearts and every shadow in our souls. He tenderly finds ways to speak to our spirit in ways that are so uniquely ours – if we would just look up from our sheepy wanderings to see the beauty He has for us in everyday – even when we are at our worst- especially when we are at our worst.

To feed us –to nurture us -through the love letters he has written us in His great book. Words that are alive and always there to help us grow strong and healthy.

To lead us – to show us where to go – the best path for our journey here….and if we wander or get lost- He will always come looking for us. He will stop everything and everyone just to find one of us…because He saves the lost.

And to protect us from unseen and unknown dangers in the world and from ourselves.

He tends to our brokenness and heals us in ways we never thought we needed healing

He cares for us.

He loves us.

He will never leave us.

I find great comfort in knowing The Lord is my shepherd.

My prayer for you today is that you will lean into these words, still your heart and mind, quiet your thoughts and listen for His whisper.

Look up and see where He is leading you

Lean into His healing arms

Fill your cup with His powerful words…and know that Our great Shepherd loves you.

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