Grow Where You Are Planted

I made a vow to myself that I would be better about blogging this year…and the previous years….

Ha! If you’ve wandered around my simple little website, you will quickly find that I am historically a sporadic writer at best.

Alas, “if one does not succeed, try, try again,” and here we are with an unfiltered photo and a (mostly) unedited blog post.

Why not launch off with messy and unfiltered? It kinda drives the point home right away eh?

Just think of this as a gentle reminder to yourself that even when you feel like you are swimming through a river of molasses and you aren’t sure the light will ever show up at the end of the what feels like the never ending tunnel, that there are always opportunities for run on sentences and chances to grow.

Take for instance this “volunteer” plant pictured above. I didn’t plant it here and yet somehow this teeny tiny seed took hold in this seemingly impossible location and has flourished to the point of starting to bloom.

Sure, the roots could use some more wiggle room and getting a drink has it challenges when confined to such a narrow space but there is no mistaking the benefit of the joy that the plant has brought to me.

Sometimes, we are planted in the cracks of life. But we also never know who might be in the cracks with us or around us and how our own commitment to embrace growing where we are planted, might benefit others that have been planted in the garden of life around us.

Whether it’s a health challenge, relational trials, dealing with a loss, financial worries or maybe a bit of all of those, remember that with every trial, it’s also a chance to grow and learn more about yourself, your tribe and the community around you.

You never know how your own growth from your own tribulations, can flower into bringing joy, support, encouragement, healing, comfort, gentleness, understanding, patience and love to the other plants in the gardens of life.

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