A Love Letter From God

Have you ever just felt drawn to something? I mean…like you can’t NOT read it, look at it, listen to it, even create it?

I think we are designed that way.

To be drawn –

We are drawn to all kinds of things; music, celebrities, authors, art, movies – the list goes on and on, but we were ultimately designed to be drawn to our maker.

 That’s not to say those other things are bad, but they are also not meant to rule our affections, time and investments above our author and creator.

Whether we choose to draw closer to God, well that’s a different story.

We have a choice and more often that God would like, we choose not to.

Sometimes it’s a defiant choice, a non-believing choice, an angry at God choice, a “I meant to spend more time with God “choice – that list goes on too.

BUT, when we DO choose to draw closer to God, our maker, he tells us that He will draw close to us.

That’s where my love letter comes in.

Like for so many, the last several years have been difficult and fraught with anxiety and depression and it’s been a struggle to find stability in a season of uncertainties and unknowns.

 I’ve found solace in spending time reading the bible, especially on my phone this past year and along the way, I’ve taken screenshots as a passage of scripture would resonate and read as though it was meant just for me in that very moment. It’s one of the fantastical things I love about reading the bible. You can read the same verse over and over and each time it can speak differently to your heart and soul, depending on what God wants to tell you.

I’ve also found calm in the outdoors and the special moments that nature presents in all her glory.

Recently, the spirit stirred strongly in me to go back and read through all of those screen shots of scripture I had taken in 2021. They were interspersed among the many pictures I took. 

As I scrolled through and started to sort out the snap shots of the scriptures, there before me, unfolded a beautiful, inspiring, and encouraging letter from God. A reminder of his faithfulness, his love, and his devotion to his children.

I was so moved that I was compelled to create a marriage of his living word and some of the images that spoke to me.  It never ceases to amaze me how God can weave the tapestries of our brokenness and trials, our joys and our mundane into something so precious.

May it touch you, speak to you, comfort you, inspire you, encourage you, strengthen you and bless you.

You can have your own love letter too!

Hebrews 4:12 Tells us that the bible is the living breathing word of God.

What does God want you to know in this moment? today? this year?

I encourage you to dive in and get to know this living. breathing word.

Take the screenshot when you feel the words come off of the page and see what God wants to share with you.

Want to share your love letter? I’d love to hear it!

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