The Ramblings of a sheep

When the path is unclear

and this sheep has found herself wandering around in circles

She apparently finds it more comforting (at this moment) to write in the third person.

It’s the ramblings of a blogger who blogs to no one but herself really

and she finds that she’s ok with that.

It’s putting out there that it’s ok

to not always be ok

And to tell herself that out loud (or in a post anyways)

She, like many in this super weird season,

feels alone


Not sure of her sense of purpose anymore

Far away from many she loves

And yet gratefully entwined with a love that is only second to God

She has created her garden and loved well her velveteen dog

she has sat at her Father’s feet ( but never enough)

and did her best to try to stay in the moment

and is still trying to stay in the moment

before the cascade of anxiety threatens to topple her fragile heart

She is tired

She is worn down

She has grown weary

But she will remember that she can hide under the wings of her protector

She is beloved

She will always be strongest in her weakest moments because

Her Father will never lose sight of His sheep

And while she may wander in circles for a season and wonder in her sheepy little head her sheepy little ways

He will always be right there with her

And He will bless her

Even when she can’t see it right away

She will

Because she is the daughter of a King

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